Native was created by two North Carolina couples who recognized the need for sustainable food practices, and a responsibility that we all share when it comes to our soil, water and air. Our owners wanted to open a restaurant that would be a staple in the Asheville community and provide steady, healthy, local food to residents. We strongly believe in supporting farming techniques, which are sustainable, organic and regenerative. These local farms restore the fabric of rural communities, decrease water and air pollution, preserve and build topsoil and produce wonderful crops. The foods they deliver to our tables are high in nutritive value and are without chemical residue. Our support to these dedicated farmers yields healthier ingredients that strengthens our sense of local community, builds our local economy and, most importantly, it’s a vital step toward protecting these resources for future generations. It’s crucial to our mission that we not only provide local food, but that we strive to support our local breweries, artists, musicians and community.

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